Bus Station in Xiàmén

Húbīn Long-Distance Bus Station

Húbīn long-distance bus station serves destinations south of Xiàmén; tickets can be bought two days in advance at the ticket booth in the local bus terminal adjacent to Xiàmén University at the end of Siming Nanlu.
Bus Station in Xiàmén

Wúcūn Bus Station

Wúcūn bus station, directly opposite Xiàmén’s main train station, serves destinations north of the city, including Jìnjiāng (¥33, 1½ hours, every 20 minutes) and Quánzhōu (¥45, two hours, every 20 minutes).
Bus Station in Xiàmén

Fānghú Bus Station

Buses to Fúzhōu (¥115, four hours, every 20 minutes) and Wǔyí Shān (¥191, nine hours, one daily, 9.30am) leave from the far-flung Fānghú bus station.
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Dìyī Ferry Terminal

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Public Bus Terminal

Ferry in Xiàmén

Lúndù Ferry Terminal

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