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Top Choice Dim Sum in Xiamen

Lucky Full City Seafood

If you eat out once in Xiàmén, join the queues for this Cantonese culinary masterclass. Stack up the exquisite dim sum dishes like egg buns, roasted pigeon and pork dumplings. Try to visit outside peak times. Catch …
Dim Sum in Xiamen

Lucky Full City Seafood Dim Sum

Authentic and MSG-free dim sum is served in this ever-popular restaurant. Expect to wait at least 30 minutes to get a table.
Cafe in Xiamen

32/HOW cafe

If Xiàmén starts to wear you down, hide out in this atmospheric Taiwanese coffee shop located in an old house. The coffee is brewed with aplomb and the decor is mid-century Europe: velvety reds and browns, towering …
Vegetarian in Xiamen

Dàfāng Sùcàiguǎn

This popular vegetarian restaurant attracts nearly as many devotees as nearby Nánpǔtuó Temple. The tasty soy-based meals are lavishly named and presented.
Noodles in Xiamen

Kāihé Shāchámiàn

Shāchámiàn is Fújiàn’s favourite street noodle dish sauced with dried fish, onion and chilli. Which animal protein you choose to add on top depends on personal preference – pork and shellfish feature prominently – o…
Soup in Xiamen

Huángzéhé Peanut Soup Shop

For 60 years this humble counter-service restaurant has filled an unusual craving for sweet huāshēng tāng (花生汤; peanut soup). Other snacks include fried zǎo (枣; red dates) and hǎlìjiān (海蛎煎; oyster omelette). You ne…
Dim Sum in Xiamen

Seaview Restaurant

The prime viewing deck in the city also serves decent Fujianese snacks. It’s ideal for a predinner drink and the sunset may make you linger longer than expected.
Chinese in Xiamen

Tiānhé Xīmén Tǔsǔndòng

Tǔsǔndòng (土笋冻; sandworm jelly) sounds disconcerting, but the taste is fairly bland (if not for the lashings of mustard, cilantro and turnip). Try it at one of Fújiàn’s better exponents of the local delicacy. If the…
Chinese in Xiamen


Clean, healthy food with a very steady local following. There’s no regular menu; just ask for recommendations – yǒu shé me jiànyì (你有什么建议) – though some English is spoken. All the fish, chicken, beef and vegetable d…
Italian in Xiamen


Popular with expatriates is this Italian restaurant run by long-term foreign residents. It feels familiar for homesick travellers, and the atmosphere is always convivial. Oh, and the pizza and pasta will do too.