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Xiamen Private Half-Day Tour Gulangyu Island, Shuzhuang Garden

On this Xiamen private day tour, you will enjoy the scenery of Gulangyau Island and the traditional Chinese Shuzhuang Gardens.
4 hours
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Private Day Tour To Tianluokeng Tulou from Xiamen Including Lunch

Enjoy the picturesque of the "Four Dishes and One Soup"- Tianluokeng Earth Building Cluster, visit the “rickety building”- Yuchang Building and stroll in the Taxia water village in a 9-hour private tour with your private knowledgeable Tulou travel guide. Having a local lunch together with the Hakka  families while sitting inside the earth building will help you to better understand the local inhabitant's life and the history of Hakka Earth Buildings.
9 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Day Tour To Chuxi Tulou From Xiamen Including Lunch

A 9-hour private tour takes you to the most beautiful and less crowded Chuxi Tulou. Explore the "missile base" which is a mistake made by foreign intelligence when they observe this area by satellite. Trek along the field path in the back mountain of Chuxi, enjoy the breathtaking scenery of terraced rice fields. Visit a local Hakka family, have a traditional Chinese lunch and talk to the inhabitants to learn about their history, their daily life and the local customs.
9 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Day Tour To Hongkeng Earth Building from Xiamen Including Lunch

This 9-hour private tour will take you to the prince of Tulou-Zhencheng Earth Building. You will see the different shapes of the magnificent earth buildings in just one place. Having a local lunch together with the Hakka families while sitting inside the earth buildings will help you to better understand the local inhabitants' life and the history of Hakka Earth Buildings.
9 hours
Kid Friendly

Private One Day Xiamen And Gulangyu Highlight Tour Including Lunch

A 8-hour private tour will take you to explore all the highlights of Xiamen. You will first take a ferry to Gulangyu Island, from there you will climb onto the highest peak-Sunlight Rock, visit the unique seaside park-the Shuzhuang Garden and the only Piano Museum in China. In the afternoon you will visit South Putuo Temple and Hulishan Fortress. And finally have a leisure walk at the Island Ring Road. Highlights: • No shopping  • Lowest price guarantee • Lunch in a local popular restaurant included • Deluxe round-way ferry tickets included • Entrance fees to all the attractions included • Flexible and tailor-made itinerary
8 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Private one day Xiamen culture and history tour

This one day history and culture tour will take you to experience the daily life of local Xiamen people, explore the old quarter of Xiamen and learn the morden history of Xiamen. You will also visit one of the oldest and most important Buddhism temple in China, and learn the weaponry and war history of morden China. Besides the historical part, you will also admire the skyline of Xiamen as a morden international city and enjoy the stunning coastline view while strolling on the gorgeous Island Ring Road.
10 hours
Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Xiamen Layover Day Tour-Gulangyu,Shuzhuang Garden,Piano Museum And Sunlight Rock

A VISA-free private day tour that specially designed for travelers who have 5~12 hours layover in Xiamen. You will maximize your time to: 1) Explore all the highlights and must-see attractions in Xiamen. 2) Learn the morden history of Xiamen City and China from an experienced knowledgeable passionate tour guide. 3) Have the delicious local cuisine for lunch. 4) Have great fun by walking into the labyrinth of alleys
6 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Fujian Tulou (earth building ) One Day Tour ( from Xiamen )

Fujian tulou and the hakka villages scattered around the mountain triangle in southwestern Fujian, China.The so-called earthen buildings (tulou in Chinese) are attracting more attention in China and the other parts of the world.Fujian tulou are mostly built between the 12th to the 20th centuries. Tulou is usually a large enclosed building, rectangular or circular in configuration, with a very thick weight supporting earth wall (up to 6 feet thick) and wooden skeletons, from three to five storeys high, housing up to 80 families. These earth buildings usually have only one main gate, guarded by 4-5 inch thick wooden doors reinforced with an outer shell of iron plate. The top level of these earth building have gun holes for defense against bandits.
1 day
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Mount Wuyi 3-Day Retreat by Bullet Train from Xiamen

With superexcellent bullet train, enjoy a mountain retreat in Mount Wuyi featuring distinctive Danxia landform and biodiversity conservation. This tour includes 2-way bullet train tickets between Xiamen and Wuyi Mountain, 2-night accommodation with breakfast, and admission to Wuyishan National Park. The vantage location of your hotel, just within the mountain area, will free you from crowds of tourists.
3 days
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Xiamen to Hakka Tulou Overnight Tour and Return Transfers

Hakka Tulou Clusters have been inscribed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.  If you want to explore the Tulou in-depth instead of visiting like a tourist, this combo package is designed for you. Service is inclusive of hotel pickup in Xiamen, bus ticket to Hu Keng in Yong Ding county, and 1-night family inn accommodation in a hundreds of years old Tulou.  The night time and next day morning is the best time for photos, walk into dozens of Tulou nearby to explore the traditional life style that has not been changed for centuries.
2 days