Ganjia Grasslands to Dálǐjiā Shān

It’s possible to hike over several days from the Gānjiā Grasslands to 4636m-high Dálǐjiā Mountain (达里加山; Dálǐjiā Shān), but you will need to be well equipped. Summer is the best season for such treks as you have more daylight hours, wildflowers and warmer weather. There are also treks between Tibetan villages and around Dàowéi Tibetan Village (道帏藏族乡; Dàowéi Zàngzú Xiāng; also called Guru).

OT Travels & Tours in Xiàhé can advise on these and other trips and arrange a car for four people for ¥500 per day and an English-speaking guide (for another ¥400); it can also arrange fun camping trips for overnighting on the grasslands.