Top things to do in Wuyi Shan

Park in Wuyi Shan

Wǔyí Shān Scenic Area

The entrance to the Wǔyí Shān Scenic Area is at Wǔyí Gōng, about 200m south of the Wǔyí Mountain Villa. Trails within the scenic area connect all the major sites. Good walks include the 530m Great King Peak (大王峰; Dà…
Village in Wuyi Shan


This village dates to the Northern Song dynasty and boasts some spectacular Qing dynasty architecture from its heyday as a wealthy tea-trading centre. Motorbikes in Wǔyí Shān city can take you to Xiàméi (¥50 round t…
Village in Wuyi Shan


Sixty kilometres southeast of the Wǔyí Shān Scenic Area, this 1700-year-old village got its fame as the hometown of Zhu Xi, a Confucian scholar in the Song dynasty. It’s best visited when the lotus in the giant pond…