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Buses from Wǔtái Shān bus station:

Běijīng ¥145, five hours, 9am and 2pm

Dàtóng ¥75, four hours, three daily, 7.30am, 1pm and 2pm, summer only

Hanging Monastery ¥65, three hours, one daily, 8.30am

Tàiyuán ¥75, five hours, hourly, 6.30am to 4.30pm

Buses to Shāhé (¥25, 1½ hours, hourly, 8am to 5pm) leave from the car park by the chairlift to Dàiluó Peak.


The station known as Wǔtái Shān is actually 50km away in the town of Shāhé (砂河) from where you can get a minibus taxi the rest of the way from around ¥70, or a bus (¥25). Destinations include Píngyáo (hard seat ¥51, five hours, one daily), Tàiyuán (hard seat ¥19, four to five hours, three daily) and Běijīng (hard seat ¥50, six to seven hours, two daily).