Top Choice Buddhist Site in Wǔtái Shān

Tǎyuàn Temple

At the base of Spirit Vulture Peak (灵鹫峰; Língjiù Fēng), the distinctive white stupa rising above, Tǎyuàn Temple is the most prominent landmark in Wǔtái Shān and virtually all pilgrims pass through here to spin the p…
Top Choice Buddhist Site in Wǔtái Shān

Xiǎntōng Temple

Xiǎntōng Temple – the largest temple in town – was erected in AD 68 and was the first Buddhist temple in the area. It comprises more than 100 halls and rooms. The Qiānbō Wénshū Hall contains a 1000-armed, multifaced…
Buddhist Site in Wǔtái Shān

Fóguāng Temple

The elongated main hall of this Buddhist temple dates to 857 and contains a statue of Sakyamuni surrounded by 17 other colourful Tang statues with 296 intriguing Ming arhat (罗汉; luóhàn) statues in the flanks. The ha…
Buddhist Site in Wǔtái Shān

Nánchán Temple

This very quiet temple near Dōngyě (东冶) contains a strikingly beautiful Great Buddha Hall that dates to 782, making it the most ancient surviving timber-frame building in China. Built in the Tang dynasty, it somehow…
Buddhist Site in Wǔtái Shān

Shūxiàng Temple

A 10-minute walk south down the road from Yuánzhào Temple, Shūxiàng Temple can be reached up a steep slope beyond its spirit wall by the side of the road. The temple contains Wǔtái Shān’s largest statue of Wenshu ri…
Buddhist Site in Wǔtái Shān

Nánshān Temple

For great views of the surrounding hills, walk 2.5km south of Dàiluó Peak to the isolated, fortress-like Nánshān Temple, which sees far fewer tour groups than the nearby temples and has beautiful stone carvings.
Buddhist Site in Wǔtái Shān

Bìshān Temple

This temple originally dates to the 5th century, but was then considerably added to during the Ming dynasty and restored in subsequent dynasties and periods.
Viewpoint in Wǔtái Shān

Dàiluó Peak

For excellent views of the town and beyond, you can trek, take a chairlift (one way/return ¥50/85) or ride a horse (¥50 one way) up to the temple on Dàiluó Peak, on the eastern side of Qīngshuǐ River (清水河; Qīngshuǐ …
Buddhist Site in Wǔtái Shān

Fēnglín Temple

Fēnglín Temple is located around 5km northwest of town and originally dates to the Ming dynasty, but was much damaged during the Cultural Revolution.
Buddhist Site in Wǔtái Shān

Sāntǎ Temple

Before you go looking for Father Christmas at Sāntǎ Temple to the west of Táihuái, you should know the name actually means Three Pagoda Temple.