Wuhan restaurants

Top Choice Chinese in Wuhan

Xiǎo Bèiké

This stylish restaurant, with lovely tree-shaded terrace seating, offers an excellent range of pan-Chinese cuisine, with dishes from Húběi, Sìchuān and Chóngqìng featuring highly. It also does a number of fish dishe…
Barbecue in Wuhan

Lǎojiē Shāokǎo

'Old Street Barbecue' takes the popular hawker-style meat-on-stick philosophy espoused on corners nightly around the city, and poshes it up just a little. Large bottles of cheap beer are served by young, well traine…
Cafe in Wuhan


This stylish coffee house and cake store serves delicious brews over two levels. The young, funky crowd on laptops also sip fruit beer, wine and tea while planning the night ahead, the looming essay or their next me…
Vegetarian in Wuhan

Chángchūn Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

Housed next door to the Chángchūn Temple, this place serves mock-meat creations but also cooks up fish dishes. It has a photo menu.
Bakery in Wuhan

Crown Bakery

Fabulously located in an old cruciform church built in 1907, with its original wood ceiling intact along with loads of portraits of Jesus, come here for the ambience, take a seat in the apse to break bread and order…