Wuhan drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Club in Wuhan

Vox Livehouse

Wǔhàn has a surprisingly good indie and heavy-rock scene, and Vox Livehouse is an institution for late-night revelling. Some interesting mainland acts often share the stage with international underground bands.
Bar in Wuhan

York Teahouse

Run by ‘Mr Sugar’ (Tang Xiansheng), this old-timer has been doing its thing on the riverfront for over a decade. Inside is a warren of rooms, but there’s plenty of outdoor seating and occasional live music. Waiting …
Beer Garden in Wuhan

Brussels Beer Garden

The expatriate bar of choice is a Belgian affair by Běi Lake which serves yummy mini pizzas and burgers to accompany tall, creamy glasses of beer from across the world. Great place to get the scoop on the city from …