Wudang Shan attractions

Mountain in Wudang Shan

Wǔdāng Shān

Wǔdāng Shān attracts a diverse array of climbers, from Taoist nuns with knapsacks, porters shouldering paving slabs and sacks of rice, business people with laptops and bright-eyed octogenarians hopping along. It’s a…
Taoist Site in Wudang Shan

Forbidden City

Near the top, beyond the cable-car exit, is the magnificent Forbidden City with its 2.5m-thick stone walls hugging the mountainside and balustrades festooned with lovers’ locks.
Taoist Site in Wudang Shan

Golden Hall

There are magnificent views from the Golden Hall, constructed entirely from bronze, dating from 1416 and in dire need of some buffing up. A small statue of Zhenwu – Ming emperor and Wǔdāng Shān’s presiding Taoist de…
Buddhist Site in Wudang Shan

Purple Cloud Temple

From this beautiful, turquoise-tiled temple, a small stone path leads up to South Cliff (45 minutes).
Museum in Wudang Shan

Wǔdāng Museum of China

This is a great opportunity to get a grip on Wǔdāng Shān history, lore and architecture. There’s a whole pantheon of gods, including the eminent Zhenwu (patriarch of the mountain) and a section on Taoist medicine in…