Western Sichuan drinking and nightlife

Cafe in Kangding

Himalayan Coffee & Trading Co.

The only spot for actual pour-over coffee (¥25) in all of the Kham, this cafe (food from ¥18) near the big yak sculpture is a veritable oasis for the caffeine-deprived. Wraps, pizzas, house-baked pastries, waffles a…
Cafe in Dege

Jiàng Hóng Relay Station

This little cafe serves small snacks such as chicken wings and fries (from ¥15), OK coffee (¥30), and has cushy sofas. The owner lets out the very basic upstairs rooms (expect cloth-covered windows, very low ceiling…
Cafe in Daocheng

Bù'èr Cafe

This upstairs cafe in the midst of the guesthouses on Dexi Lu has the best coffee in town (¥28) and a relaxed atmosphere in which to spend time before or after trips to Yàdīng Nature Reserve. Along with the English …
Teahouse in Dege

Syokar Teahouse

The people-watching from this 2nd-floor teahouse overlooking the river is just as much a draw as the tea and Tibetan snacks (from ¥15) on the menu. It's the first building on the left just across the bridge to the B…
Teahouse in Litang

Makye Ama Town

With a wide selection of teas (from ¥25) plus real coffee and friendly English-speaking staff, this is the most welcoming of the many teahouses that populate the upper storeys of Lǐtáng's centre.
Teahouse in Tagong

Hépíng Fǎhùi Teahouse

Picture windows overlooking the Hépíng Religious University are a major draw to this teahouse on an outcrop at the top of Hépíng Fǎhùi, as are the prices: tea from ¥5 and simple snacks from ¥3.