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Chengdu original old town - Dayi Liushi Manorial Museum

 Visit the highlights of Chengdu as well as one of the most traditional old town with it's original architecture. You will enjoy a cup of tea in hundred years tea house (Serving a cup of tea in GaiWanCha ,Sichuan traditional tea cup), with Chair Mao poster still stick on the wall and culture revolution relics. The unknown date tea house surrounded by a lot of old courtyard and street.Take a peak into original Chengdu, it's people, cuisine and lifestyle on this fantastic one day private tour into a world that was lost in other parts of Tour. Liushi Manorial Museum, it’s build in Qing Dynasty and a private house belong to a local famous landlord family.Liu’s family have great power in Sichuan at that time. Mr Liuwencai (landlord) is believed to exploit the farmers at that time, but turn out he bring benefit to local people.
1 day