Top things to do

Mountain in Wēishān

Wēibǎo Shān

Eminently worthy Wēibǎo Shān, about 10km south of Wēishān, has a relatively easy hike to its peak at around 2500m. During the Ming and Qing dynasties it was the zenith of China’s Taoism, and you’ll find some superb …
Historic Building in Wēishān

Xīnggǒng Tower

Built in the Ming dynasty, as the Han Chinese extended their reach into Yúnnán. It's not possible to enter or climb this bell tower, but even from the outside, the intricate architectural detail on display in its de…
Confucian Temple in Wēishān

Confucius Temple

This sizeable and well-kept temple is dominated by its statue of Confucius. The temple was where candidates sat the notoriously difficult imperial examinations, and Wēishān had a proud history of success in the exam…
House in Wēishān

Mēnghuà Old Home

Great courtyard home, now owned by the government, that is Wēishān's best-preserved slice of architecture and also acts as a modest museum displaying traditional Yi clothing and artefacts.
Historic Building in Wēishān

Gǒngcháng Tower

Looming over the centre of town, this drum tower dates back to the 14th century and remains the very symbol of Wēishān. Sadly, it's not possible to enter or climb the tower.
Cafe in Wēishān

Yàn Cafe

Just down the street from Xīnggǒng Tower is this laid-back little cafe run by a former Dàlǐ resident and her musician husband. Proper coffee and tea, as well as fruit shakes and beer. For now, it's the only place in…
Yunnan in Wēishān

Yùfēng Cāntīng

Excellent locals hang out, with fine veggies and tofu. There's no English menu, but everything is on display and the staff will do their best to help you out.