Embassy in Ürümqi

Kyrgyzstan Consulate

Travellers of most nationalities no longer require a visa for travel to Kyrgyzstan, but if you do, then look for this small consulate; the entrance is through a small blue door to the side of the Aipai Hotel. Visas …
Police in Ürümqi

Public Security Bureau

You should be able to renew a visa here but processing times can be as long as three weeks, so it's really a last resort. It's far better to come to Xīnjiāng with plenty of time left on your visa for your travels.
Ticket Office in Ürümqi

China International Travel Service

This office runs tours around the province and can supply a driver and English-speaking guide.
Post in Ürümqi

China Post

The main branch handles all international parcels.
Bank in Ürümqi

Bank of China

Can handle most transactions and has an ATM.
Consulate in Ürümqi

Kazakhstan Consulate