Turpan restaurants

Market in Turpan

Gaochang Lu Night Market

Come dusk, dozens of stalls set up shop by the fountains to the west of the main central square. Grab a cold beer and choose from fried fish, shāguō (沙果; casseroles), goat’s feet soup and cumin-scented kebabs. This …
Uyghur in Turpan

Kurban Home

The large homestead of the Kurban family in the traditional Uyghur village of Tuyoq is a great place for a lunch of noodles (and you can watch the noodles being pulled beforehand, a fascinating sight) or even to sta…
Uyghur in Turpan

Hanzada Restaurant

Popular with locals for its diner-style booths and ornate Central Asian decor (think painted alabaster and chintzy chandeliers). The picture menu helps sort out the noodles from the polo and dàpánjī (大盘鸡; Huí-style …
Uyghur in Turpan

Kadinas Taamliri

This excellent Uyghur place is popular with local families coming for a feast, and has a large photo menu that runs the gamut of Uyghur cooking, from multiple ways to cook lamb to delicious 'Uyghur pizza'.