Xie Yu Da Tea

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in Tunxi

Old St is lined with tea shops but Xie Yu Da Tea is the real deal, founded by Xie Zhengan (1838–1910), the man who first marketed Huangshan's now famous máofēng (毛峰) tea. Literally 'fur peak', the subtle, slightly floral green tea gets its name from an almost-indiscernible peach fuzz.

While 50g of the premium stuff costs more than a plane ticket, 'standard' first-grade starts at ¥85 for 150g. Local qímén hóngchá (祁门红茶), a rich, malty and also highly regarded black tea, and júhuāchá (菊花茶; chrysanthemum tea) are available too – all packaged in highly collectable tins.