Pharmacy in Tingri

Tingri Private Pharmacy

This extremely dusty pharmacy has a doctor on-call 24/7 that can treat basic ailments, as well as provide simple Tibetan and western medicines. Located in an unmarked shop in a row of Tibetan-style buildings halfway…
Police in Shigatse

Public Security Bureau

Your guide will likely have to stop here for half an hour to register and/or pick up an alien's travel permit for the Friendship Hwy, Everest Base Camp or western Tibet. It's in the southern suburbs, near the Gesar …
Hospital in Tingri

Tingri Hospital

Opened in 2018, this shiny hospital accepts international visitors and can treat all major ailments, including AMS and other altitude- and mountain-related illness.
Tourist Information in Tingri

Qomolangma Nature Reserve Ticket Office

Entry tickets to Qomolangma Nature Reserve are available at this office within the compound of the Snow Leopard Guesthouse.
ATM in Dzongkhar

Agricultural Bank of China

The ATM here allegedly takes foreign cards but the bank doesn't change foreign currency; for that you need to head to Kyirong.
Bank in Kyirong

Bank of China

Changes foreign currency and will convert yuán into dollars (or rupees) if you have original exchange receipts.
Bank in Shigatse

Bank of China

A short walk from the Gang Gyan Orchard Hotel, this useful branch has a 24-hour ATM.