Immigration in Dram

Chinese Immigration

For Chinese immigration and customs you need to drive 8km below Zhāngmù to the actual border at Kodari. Your guide and driver will drop you or pick you up at here, although taxis also do the run.You will need to fil…
Police in Dram

Public Security Bureau (PSB)

If you are headed to Nyalam your guide will probably have to get a stamp at the Zhāngmù PSB. Chinese tourists also have to get stamped here if they are headed to Nepal. Beyond this, the office doesn't have much to d…
Immigration in Dram

Nepali Immigration

It’s possible to get a Nepali visa here for the same price as in Lhasa (US$25/40/100 for up to 15/30/90 days, or the equivalent in rupees at a poor exchange rate), although it is sensible to check this in advance. Y…
Bank in Dram

Bank of China

This branch at the top end of town will change cash and travellers cheques into yuán and also yuán into dollars, euros or pounds, but doesn’t deal in Nepali rupees. The ATM accepts Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus, Visa …
Police in Shigatse

Public Security Bureau

Your guide will likely have to stop here for half an hour to register and/or pick up an alien's travel permit for the Friendship Hwy or western Tibet. It's in the southern suburbs, near the Gesar Hotel.
Tickets in Tingri

Qomolangma Nature Preserve Ticket Office

Entry tickets to Qomolangma Nature Preserve are available at this office within the compound of the Snow Leopard Guesthouse.
Bank in Gyantse

Agricultural Bank of China

At the time of research, the ATM here was not accepting foreign cards or changing cash, so you'll have to go to Shigatse to access your money.
Public Showers in Nyalam

People's Showers

If your guesthouse doesn't have hot water head to these public showers next to Nga-Dhon Guesthouse.
Post in Shigatse

China Post

It’s possible to send international letters and postcards from here, but not international parcels.
Booking Service in Shigatse

Ticket Booth

Buy your tickets to Tashilunpo Monastery at this ticket booth by the main southern entrance.