Bicycle Hire in Hangzhou

Hángzhōu Bike Hire Scheme

With 2700 stations dotted around the city, this rental scheme has the world's largest network and is the best way to rent a bike in Hángzhōu. Apply at one of the numerous bike-station booths near West Lake (you will…
Cable Car in Bamboo Sea

Guānguāng Cable Car

Bicycle Hire in Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island


Modern Classic Bicycle Company (MCBC) is a merchandise, rental and repair shop for the stylish. You can take your vehicle here for repair and upgrade, or you can rent one of the sleek, carbon-fibre travel bikes to e…
Cable Car in Bamboo Sea

Dàxiágǔ Cable Car

Cable Car in Chengde

Chairlift to Hammer Rock

Bus in Ji'nan

Yùquán Simpson Hotel

Airport shuttles connect the Yùquán Simpson Hotel with Jǐ’nán’s Yáoqiáng airport.
Bicycle Rental in Guilin

Ride Giant

Just east of Jiefang Bridge, this outlet rents out bikes. Head downstairs.
Cable Car in Wudang Shan

Wǔdāng Shān Cable Car

A bus – often only leaving when full – runs to the start of the cable car.
Train in Hong Kong

Airport Express

Fastest and costliest public route to the airport; most airlines allow Airport Express passengers to check in at the Central or Kowloon stations up to a day ahead of departure; trains depart from 5.50am to 12.48am f…
Airport in Lantau

Hong Kong International Airport

The futuristic passenger terminal consists of eight levels, with check-in on level seven, departures on level six and arrivals on level five.