Bus Station in Kǎilǐ

Long-Distance Bus Station

The main bus station in Kǎilǐ.
Border Crossing in Macau

Cotai Frontier Post

On the causeway linking Taipa and Coloane; allows visitors to cross Lotus Bridge by shuttle bus (HK$3) to Zhūhǎi; buses 15, 21, 25 and 26 drop you off at the crossing.
Bus in Macau

Kee Kwan Motor Rd Co

Has buses going to Guǎngzhōu (MOP$80, four hours, every 15 minutes from 8am to 9.40pm) and to Zhōngshān (MOP$23, 90 minutes, every 20 minutes from 8am to 8pm).
Train in Hong Kong

Airport Express

Fastest and costliest public route to the airport; most airlines allow Airport Express passengers to check in at the Central or Kowloon stations up to a day ahead of departure; trains depart from 5.54am to 12.48am f…
Tram in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Tramways

Airline in China

Hainan Airlines

Airline in China

Shandong Airlines

Airline in China

Shenzhen Airlines

Airline in China

Sichuan Airlines

Airline in China

Spring Airlines

Has connections between Shànghǎi and tourist destinations such as Qīngdǎo, Guìlín, Xiàmén and Sānyà.