Bicycle Hire in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Bike Hire Scheme

With 2700 docks dotted around the city, this rental scheme has the world's largest docked government-run network and is the cheapest way to rent a bike in Hangzhou, if you don't have a data-connected phone for...

Cable Car in Bamboo Sea

Guanguang Cable Car

This cable car, which leaves from near Wanling, takes you on a 25-minute ride over a stunning forest and past steep cliffs. From the end of the ride it's a short walk to the start of the Daxiagu Cable Car.

Bicycle Hire in Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island


Modern Classic Bicycle Company (MCBC) is a merchandise, rental and repair shop for the stylish. You can take your vehicle here for repair and upgrade, or you can rent one of the sleek, carbon-fibre travel bikes...

Bicycle Rental in Dali

Scooter Rental

The most central of numerous bicycle and motorbike rental stands throughout Dali. Prices vary depending on battery capacity (and thus practical daily travel distance).

Taxi in Beijing

Bruce Beijing

Well-regarded local driver and guide for trips out to the Great Wall and other jaunts.

Train in Hong Kong

Airport Express

Fastest and costliest public route to the airport; most airlines allow Airport Express passengers to check in at the Central or Kowloon stations up to a day ahead of departure; trains depart from 5.50am to...

Train Station in Chongqing City

Chongqing North Station

This enormous station is divided in two unconnected parts – the North Square side (北广场; Běi Guǎngchǎng) and the South Square side (南广场; Nán Guǎngchǎng). All high-speed trains leave from the North Square and all...

Train in Shanghai


Heading from or to Pudong International Airport, a trip on the hovering Maglev train is good fun for all ages. To get to the airport, take the metro to Longyang Rd and follow signs for the Maglev. If you're...

Train Station in Jing'an

Shanghai Railway Station

The vast, hectic and sprawling Shanghai Railway Station, in the north of town, is easily reached by metro lines 1, 4 and 3 and has high-speed G-class, electric D-class and express T-class trains to mainly west...

Airport in West Shanghai

Hongqiao International Airport

Hongqiao International Airport, 18km west of the Bund, has two terminals: the older and less-used Terminal 1 (east terminal; halls A and B), and the new and sophisticated Terminal 2 (west terminal; attached to...

Train Station in Forbidden City & Dongcheng Central

Beijing Railway Station

Opened in 1959, Beijing's central train station mainly serves destinations in northeast China such as Harbin; slower trains south; and international trains to Mongolia, Russia and North Korea. One of Mao's '10...

Port in Shanghai

Wusongkou International Terminal

Some international cruise companies dock here (including Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises and SkySea Cruise). The port is located 25km north of Shanghai's city centre, at Paotaiwan Bay. It's around 3km from the...