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Daily ferries ply the route between Xiàmén and Kinmen Island in Taiwan, from where you can fly to other major cities in Taiwan. You can also catch a ferry from Fúzhōu’s Máwěi ferry terminal to Taiwan’s archipelago of Matzu, from where there are boats to Keelung and flights to other cities in Taiwan.


There are weekly ferries between Osaka and Kōbe and Shànghǎi. There are also twice-weekly boats from Qīngdǎo to Shimonoseki. The weekly ferry from the Tiānjīn International Cruise Home Port to Kōbe (神户; Shénhù) had been suspended indefinitely at the time of writing.

Check in two hours before departure for international sailings.

South Korea

International ferries connect the South Korean port of Incheon with Wēihǎi, Qīngdǎo, Yāntái, Dàlián and Dāndōng.

Tickets can be bought cheaply at the pier, or from China International Travel Service (CITS; Zhōngguó Guójì Lǚxíngshè) for a very steep premium.