Tongren attractions

Monastery in Tongren

Wútún Sì

This two-monastery complex is the place to head if you’re interested in Tibetan art. The Upper (Yango) Monastery (吾屯上寺; Wútún Shàngsì) is closest to Tóngrén, while the Lower (Mango) Monastery (吾屯下寺; Wútún Xiàsì) is …
Buddhist Monastery in Tongren

Gomar Gompa

Across the Gu-chu river valley from Wútún Sì is the mysterious 400-year-old Gomar Gompa, a charming monastery that resembles a medieval walled village. There are 130 monks in residence living in whitewashed mud-wall…
Monastery in Tongren

Lóngwù Sì

Tóngrén’s main monastery is a huge and rambling maze of renovated chapels and monks’ residences, dating from 1301. It’s well worth a wander, and you’ll need one or two hours to see everything. Your ticket includes e…