Top things to do in Tongli

Village in Tongli

Tónglǐ Old Town

This lovely old town, only 18km southeast of Sūzhōu, boasts a rich, historical canalside atmosphere and weather-beaten charm. Many of the buildings have kept their traditional facades, with stark whitewashed walls, …
Historic Building in Tongli

Gēnglè Táng

Of the three old residences in Tónglǐ that you’ll pass at some point, the most pleasant is this elegant, lovely and composed Ming dynasty estate with 52 halls spread out over five courtyards in the west of town. The…
Gardens in Tongli

Tuìsī Garden

This beautiful 19th-century garden in the east of the old town delightfully translates as the ‘Withdraw and Reflect Garden’, so named because it was a Qing government official’s retirement home. The 'Tower of Fannin…
Pagoda in Tongli

Pearl Pagoda

In the north of town, this compound dates from the Qing dynasty and contains a spacious residential complex decorated with Qing-era antiques, an ancestral hall, a garden and an opera stage. It gets its name from a t…
Vegetarian in Tongli

Xishan Vegetarian Restaurant

This vegetarian restaurant serves flavoursome hotpots and noodles that draw on Chinese and Japanese Buddhist cooking methods. The simple set meal (¥68) comprises three small dishes, soup and rice.