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This impressive nonprofit enterprise aims to bolster traditional Tibetan handicrafts in the face of rising Chinese and Nepali imports. Products are unique and of high quality, and they are made using traditional...

Market in Lhasa

Tromsikhang Market

This bazaar-like area in the old town has the widest selection of dried fruit and nuts (imported from Xinjiang) and is the place to buy such Tibetan specialities as tsampa (roasted-barley flour), churpi (dried...

Arts & Crafts in Lhasa

Barkhor Supermarket

The souvenir stalls that once clogged the Barkhor Circuit were shepherded a couple of years ago into this three-storey concrete building with a Tibetan facade. It's quite charmless and there are no antiques here,...

Food in Lhasa

Norling Supermarket

Located near the Muslim quarter, this Tibetan-run Nepali shop sells everything from imported muesli and digestive biscuits to Indian spices, sun cream and dried coconut, though naturally at prices higher than in...

Arts & Crafts in Lhasa

Dropenling – Beijing Donglu

This convenient branch of Lhasa's best handicraft's shop doesn't have the selection of the main outlet but is good on stylish pillows, children's toys and even some carpets.

Supermarket in Lhasa

Baiyi Supermarket

Boasts a wide range of foodstuffs from frozen squid to ripe pineapples to a bewildering array of dried yak meat. The upper floor contains one of Lhasa's best collections of outdoor gear.

Homewares in Shigatse

Tibet Gang Gyen Carpet Factory

This workshop employs local women to weave high-quality wool carpets. Upon arrival you’ll be directed to the workshop, where you can watch the craftswomen work, some singing as they weave, dye, trim and spin;...

Arts & Crafts in Shigatse

Shigatse Tibetan Market

In this grimy, open-air market in Shigatse's old town you can pick up low-grade Tibetan crafts and souvenirs, such as prayer wheels, rosaries and jewellery. Bargain hard. The street market just to the east is the...