Tibet restaurants

Top Choice Tibetan in Shigatse

Wordo Tibetan Courtyard

For something a bit special, head out to this stylish Tibetan restaurant near the Summer Palace of the Panchen Lamas. Sit in one of Tibet's loveliest courtyards, bedecked in swirling prayer flags, and enjoy super-fr…
Top Choice Nepali in Lhasa

Lhasa Kitchen

With a wide-ranging menu of Nepali, Indian and Tibetan dishes, good breakfast options, decent prices, pleasant seating and a great location, it’s no surprise that this is an extremely popular place with tour groups …
Top Choice International in Lhasa

Snowland Restaurant

This old-timer has a new location but is still an extremely popular place that serves a mix of excellent Continental and Nepali food in very civilised surroundings. The Indian dishes are particularly good, especiall…
Top Choice Nepali in Shigatse

Third Eye

A Nepali-run place that is popular with both locals and tourists. Watch as locals sip thugpa (Tibetan noodle soup) while travellers treat their taste buds to the city's best Indian curries and sizzlers. The chicken …
Top Choice Chinese in Purang

Peacock Restaurant

This place has a good range of tasty Chinese dishes and friendly service in pleasant surroundings.
Tibetan in Lhasa

Seyzhong Nongze Bösey Restaurant

Super-convenient if you’re visiting the next-door Ramoche Temple, this pleasant upstairs Amdo Tibetan restaurant offers great views over the street below from the low Tibetan-style tables. Try the set meal of shemdr…
Uyghur in Ali

Uyghur Ashkhana

For a taste of Central Asia head to this popular Uyghur restaurant (ashkhana in Turkic), 100m from the main roundabout. A bowl of suoman (fried noodle squares) and a couple of kebabs make for a great meal. The smell…
Tibetan in Nyima Jiangre

Chulong Nunnery Teahouse

Super-friendly place on the main street run by nuns from nearby Chulong Nunnery. Grab a flask of sweet milk tea (from ¥9) and choose from momos (dumplings), rice soup and fried vegetable dishes. All proceeds support…
Chinese in Samye

Friendship Snowland Restaurant

The backpacker-inspired menu at this pleasant Tibetan-style restaurant includes banana pancakes, hash browns and omelettes, making this your best breakfast bet. Good Chinese and Tibetan dishes are also available, as…
Teahouse in Mindroling

Lāsà Cáishén Cáng Cān

Across the parking lot from the monastery entrance, this pleasant roofed courtyard with historic photos of Mindroling adorning the walls prepares basic but delicious Tibetan dishes, and all the tea (from ¥10) you co…