Travel Agency in Lhasa

Tibet Travellers

Owner Tenzin Dondup (MC Tenzin) has a lot of experience organising tours and is flexible with arranging custom tours.

Bank in Lhasa

Bank of China – Beijing Donglu

The most conveniently located branch is fully automated, with a currency-exchange machine that's much quicker than the main bank branch and ATMs that dispense cash 24 hours a day. Bring your cleanest notes, as...

Consulate in Lhasa

Nepali Consulate-General

Issues visas in 24 hours. The current fee for a 15-/30-/90-day visa is ¥175/280/700. Bring a visa photo. Chinese tourists have to get their visas here and these are currently free; foreigners will find it easier...

Post in Lhasa

Heaven Tibet Post Office

This branch of China Post just east of the main post office is the easiest place to buy stamps for postcards and letters. It sells a wide range of postcards. Look for the fun range of Tibet-themed ink stamps you...

Pharmacy in Tingri

Tingri Private Pharmacy

This extremely dusty pharmacy has a doctor on-call 24/7 who can treat basic ailments, as well as provide simple Tibetan and western medicines. Located in an unmarked shop in a row of Tibetan-style buildings...

Police in Darchen & Mt Kailash

Public Security Bureau

Travellers need to register and have their travel permit endorsed at this local PSB office, though your guide will take care of this. The office is signposted as the 'Foreigner Service and Management Station of...

Police in Shigatse

Public Security Bureau

Your guide will likely have to stop here for half an hour to register and/or pick up an alien's travel permit for the Friendship Hwy, Everest Base Camp or western Tibet. It's in the southern suburbs, near the...

Post in Lhasa

China Post

Counter number three sells packaging for parcels. Express Mail Service (EMS) is also here. Leave parcels unsealed until you get here, as staff will want to check the contents for customs clearance.

Bank in Gongkar

Bank of China

The bank is 300m south of the airport; it changes cash into yuán and has a 24-hour ATM but, illogically for an international airport bank, it cannot change yuán back into foreign currency.

Tourist Information in Lhasa

Tibet Tourism Bureau

This government organisation issues the permits needed by foreigners to travel to Tibet. There's little reason to visit the office, though the website has some useful tourist information.

Bank in Lhasa

Bank of China Main Office

West of the Potala, this central branch is the only place to arrange a credit-card advance (3% commission) or a bank transfer. The ATMs outside the building are open 24 hours.

Telephone in Lhasa

China Mobile

Getting a local SIM card here is a fairly complicated procedure and you'll likely need a local ID card, so go with your guide. Expect to pay around ¥120 for a month of data.

Police in Lhasa

Lhasa City Public Security Bureau

Visa extensions of up to a week are very rarely given; if they are they will only be granted a day or two before your visa expires and only through your tour agency.

Hospital in Tingri

Tingri Hospital

Opened in 2018, this shiny hospital accepts international visitors and can treat all major ailments, including AMS and other altitude- and mountain-related illness.

Police in Tsochen

Public Security Bureau

The local police maintain a strong presence in Tsochen and foreign travellers have to go to the station to register. They’ll be waiting for you.