Tiānshuǐ attractions

Caves in Tiānshuǐ

Màijī Shān Grottoes

Set among wild, green mountains southeast of Tiānshuǐ, the grottoes of Màijī Shān hold some of the most famous Buddhist rock carvings along the Silk Road. The cliff sides of Màijī Shān are covered with 221 caves hol…
Buddhist Temple in Tiānshuǐ

Fúxī Temple

This Ming dynasty temple was founded in 1483 in honour of Fúxī, the father and emperor of all Chinese people. The Tiānshuǐ resident's seminaked statue is in the main hall, along with traditional symbols such as bats…
Taoist Temple in Tiānshuǐ

Yùquán Temple

Ascending in layers up the hillside above Qínzhōu, this Taoist temple has been a place of worship since the Tang dynasty. Most of the buildings have been restored in recent decades, but this is still a pleasant, gre…