Airport in Tianjin

Tiānjīn Bīnhǎi International Airport

Tiānjīn Bīnhǎi International Airport is 15km east of the city centre and has flights to all major cities in China, plus a few international destinations, including Singapore, Moscow and Seoul. Buy tickets through ww…
Port in Tianjin

Tiānjīn International Cruise Home Port

This port 70km east of Tiānjīn is primarily for cruise passengers who are making a stopover in Tiānjīn or Běijīng (180km). Be aware that this is a very inconvenient place to disembark, with no easy way to get to eit…
Bus in Tianjin

Tiānjīn Long Distance Bus Station

Tiānjīn's main long-distance bus station, located at the train station's north entrance, serves destinations in Héběi, Shāndōng and Liáoníng, plus 12 other provinces.
Boat in Tianjin

Railway Station Pier