Tianjin restaurants

Dumplings in Tianjin

Gǒubùlǐ (main branch)

Tiānjīn’s most famous restaurant chain is a mixed bag. While the trademark bāozi (steamed dumplings) are big, juicy and delicious, locals will also tell you they’re overpriced (¥46 for eight). Nonetheless, it's been…
Yunnan in Tianjin

In and Out

Photos of lush rice terraces and elderly Dai women shouldering woven baskets effortlessly transport you – and all the local 30-somethings who pack the place out – to the land south of the clouds, where pineapple ric…
Dumplings in Tianjin

Jīnfú Lóu

Simple but clean dumpling joint run by a friendly guy who doesn't speak English, but does have an English menu. There's only five things on it, mind you, and they're all dumplings (including vegetarian options). The…
Thai in Tianjin

YY Beer House

Despite the name, this cosy, atmospheric place is actually a Thai restaurant with a wide range of flavourful dishes from the land of smiles. It does, however, have some craft beers (¥35) too. It’s tucked away down a…
Chinese in Tianjin

Shāguō Lǐ

Of all Tiānjīn’s restaurants, this is one the locals consistently recommend. They flock here for the speciality – pork spare ribs in a sweet barbecue sauce, so tender that they pull apart at the touch of a chopstick…
Thai in Tianjin

YY Beer House – Wǔdàdào

This cosy, atmospheric Thai restaurant has an enviable location at the entrance to the Xiānnóng Block, with a few outdoor stools to perch at while you enjoy an eponymous beer (¥35).
Dumplings in Tianjin

Gǒubùlǐ (Jīntǎ branch)

This branch of Tiānjīn’s most famous restaurant chain is a short walk from the original location. Serves its trademark steamed dumplings.