Chinese in Tianjin

Shāguō Lǐ

Despite having walls adorned with photos of television celebrities who've eaten here, this place remains refreshingly unpretentious, and locals still come for the speciality pork spare ribs in a sweet barbecue...

Noodles in Tianjin

Ānhuī Bǎnmiàn Wáng

On the periphery of gentrified Wudadao, this tiny, no-frills noodles joint is an English-free zone, but serves up delicious, filling bowls of noodles, washed down with ice-cold bottles of Harbin beer (¥5). The...

Dumplings in Tianjin

Gǒubùlǐ – Main Branch

Tianjin’s most famous restaurant chain – sometimes called 'Go Believe' – is a mixed bag. While the trademark xiǎo lóng bāo (小笼包, steamed dumplings) are big, juicy and delicious, locals will also tell you they’re...

Thai in Tianjin

YY Beer House

Despite the name, this cosy, atmospheric place is actually a Thai restaurant with a wide range of flavourful dishes from the land of smiles. It does, however, also have an excellent range of imported beers,...

Cafe in Tianjin

Maan Coffee

Occupying a long swathe of the southeast corner of Minyuan Plaza, this cavernous, chandelier-filled, Western-style Chinese coffee chain does freshly-ground coffee (from ¥24), fruit juices (from ¥30) and comfort...

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Shíjì Jiānbing Guǒzi

On a lively crossroads lined with small restaurants, fruit stalls and snack shops, this typical hole-in-the-wall takeaway joint specialises in Tianjin's signature savoury pancake, jiānbing guǒzi (煎饼果子), often...

International in Tianjin

Bistro Thonet

Top-quality international cuisine (salmon, sirloin steaks, salads) with a delightful historic garden-courtyard setting that's part of Prince Qing's Mansion (庆王府; Qìng Wáng Fǔ), built in 1922.

International in Tianjin

Cafe Sunflower

In the heart of the Italian Concession district, this smart European-style cafe has good coffee (from ¥32), craft beers (from ¥40) and a strong selection of Western food (salads, pasta, gourmet burgers).