Museum in Tianjin

Tianjin Museum

This impressive five-floor museum has over 200,000 pieces in its collection, ranging from oracle bones and an excellent inkstone exhibit to various artefacts and documents related specifically to the city's...

Buddhist Temple in Tianjin

Monastery of Deep Compassion

Tianjin’s most important Buddhist temple – signposted as 'Dabei Temple' on street signs – was built in three stages from 1436 to 1734. While most of the architecture has since been rebuilt, it's a very large and...

Historic Building in Tianjin

Guangdong Guild Hall

This charming guildhall, built in 1907, is one of the few buildings of any genuine age in the Old Town. It’s a lovely courtyard complex, centred on a beautiful, ornate, wooden theatre where Peking opera...

Architecture in Tianjin

Treaty Port Area

South of the station across Liberation Bridge was the British concession. The rebuilt riverside facade is an impressive sight at night, but walk further south along Jiefang Beilu to see original, imposing,...

Historic Building in Tianjin

Shi Family Residence

The vast Shi Family Residence, 20km west of Tianijn, is an intriguing warren of courtyards and enclosed gardens. Formerly belonging to a prosperous merchant family, the restored residence (originally built in...

Historic Building in Tianjin

Drum Tower

Standing at the Old Town's centre is the large Drum Tower. It's a modern rebuild, but inside it contains some interesting photos of old Tianijn and you can climb to the top for views. The pedestrianised shopping...

Stadium in Tianjin

Minyuan Plaza

The centrepiece of the Wudadao neighbourhood, Minyuan Plaza was rebuilt in 2012 on the site of a 90-year-old stadium that was originally designed by former British Olympian Eric Liddell. It now functions as a...

Temple in Tianjin

Tianhou Temple

This busy temple, with its healthy mix of Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian deities, is dedicated to Tianhou (Empress of Heaven). Goddess of the sea and the protector of sailors, she is also popularly known as Mazu...

Confucian Temple in Tianjin

Confucius Temple

Tianjin's quiet Confucius Temple is actually a two-for-one, with the provincial temple on the east side (dating from 1436) and the county temple on the west side (dating from 1734). Although almost everything has...

Museum in Tianjin

Folk Art Museum

You know all those souvenirs for sale on the Ancient Culture Street? Well, this collection of handicrafts is the real deal – historic clothing, paintings, ceramics and even an enormous abacus. As you walk north...

Historic Site in Tianjin

Italian Concession

Tianjin's spruced-up Italian-style district, centred on Marco Polo Sq, is an attractive quarter for exploration, with Western restaurants, cafes and bars dotted around largely pedestrianised streets.

Museum in Tianjin

Chinese Shoe Culture Museum

Shoes aren't everyone's cup of tea, but those into footwear should certainly take the time to drop by this quirky little place. It explores the history and styles of Chinese shoes, from wooden clogs and woven...

Ferris Wheel in Tianjin

Tianjin Eye

To get the city’s transformation in perspective, or for a night-time angle on Tianjin, ride this huge Ferris wheel straddling the Hai River.

Museum in Tianjin

China House

Tianjin's tackiest sight by a long shot, China House is porcelain collector Zhang Lianzhi's ode to both porcelain and questionable taste. Vases and mosaic-like shards are embedded in every conceivable vertical...

Historic Building in Tianjin

Former Residence of Eric Liddell

Former home of Scotsman Eric Liddell, Olympic champion, rugby international and devout Christian. Liddell was born in Tianjin in 1902 and was the subject of the 1981 Oscar-winning film Chariots of Fire. The house...

Church in Tianjin

St Joseph’s Church

Erected by the French in 1917, this domed Catholic church is the largest church in Tianjin. Its fine brick exterior is a marked contrast to the shopping malls surrounding it; the interior is more decorative than...