China officially has a five-day working week; Saturday and Sunday are public holidays.

  • Banks Open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (or 6pm); may close for two hours in the afternoon. Many also open Saturday and maybe Sunday. Same for offices and government departments.
  • Post offices Generally open daily.
  • Restaurants Open from around 10.30am to 11pm; some shut at around 2pm and reopen at 5pm or 6pm.
  • Bars Open in the late afternoon, shutting around midnight or later.
  • Shops Open daily 10am to 10pm. Same for department stores and shopping malls.

More Information

  • Museums Generally stay open on weekends; may shut for one day during the week.
  • Travel Agencies & Foreign Exchange Counters Found in tourist hotels; usually open seven days a week.
  • Internet Cafes Typically open 24 hours; some open at 8am and close at midnight.