Canyon in The Yangzi

The Three Gorges

Few river panoramas inspire as much awe as the Three Gorges. Well-travelled Tang dynasty poets and men of letters have gone weak-kneed before them. Voluble emperors and hard-boiled communist party VIPs have been ren…
Canyon in The Yangzi

Little Three Gorges

Gorgeous landscape and you're right up close to it in small boats, making this perhaps the most impressive part of any Yangzi River Cruise.
Historic Site in The Yangzi

White Emperor City

Famed as the site where the King of Shu, Liu Bei, entrusted his son and kingdom to Zhu Geliang, as chronicled in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
Pagoda in The Yangzi


A 12-storey, 56m-high wooden pagoda built on a huge, river-water-encircled rock bluff.
Buddhist Temple in The Yangzi

Zhāng Fēi Temple

Relocated 20 miles downstream in 2002, this temple dates back to the Three Kingdoms period, but has been extensively renovated since.
Mountain in The Yangzi

Míng Mountain

Mountain studded with temples.