Taxi in The Great Wall

Mr Sun

Only speaks Chinese but is very reliable and can find other drivers if he’s busy. Does round trips to the Great Wall from ¥600.
Cable Car in Jīnshānlǐng

Cable Car

Cable car that starts and returns at the west gate of Jīnshānlǐng Great Wall. It's often closed in winter due to high winds.
Car Hire in The Great Wall


Self-drive cars can be hired at the office at Terminal 3 of the Běijīng Capital International Airport.
Cable Car in Bādálǐng

Cable Car

The cable car runs to and from the west car park. It's often closed in winter, when strong winds blow.
Taxi in The Great Wall

Miles Meng

Reliable, English-speaking driver who can be hired for day trips to the Great Wall.
Cable Car in Mùtiányù

Cable Car

Cable car that runs up to one of the watchtowers on the wall at Mùtiányù.