Zhuangdaokou to Huanghua Cheng

  • One hour (plus 20-minute climb to the Wall)

It's a mostly restored part of the Wall, and comes with stunning views of the Wall by a reservoir once you reach the summit of your climb. Access the Wall from Zhuàngdàokǒu village; turn right at the end of the village, by the small river, then follow the river (keeping it on your left) before turning right, up the hill between the houses, to climb a stony pathway. When you reach the Wall, turn right and keep going until you reach the last watchtower, where a path to the right leads down to the main road by the reservoir. Don't attempt to descend to the road via the last stretch of Wall here, as it is suicidally steep. You can pick up buses, such as the H14, to Huáiróu from here (until 6pm).