Mǎzhàn Volcanoes

Téngchōng County is renowned for its volcanoes, and although they have been behaving themselves for many centuries, the seismic and geothermal activity in the area indicates that they won’t always continue to do so. The closest volcano to Téngchōng is Mǎ’ān Shān (马鞍山; Saddle Mountain), around 5km to the northwest. It’s just south of the main road to Yíngjiāng.

Around 22km to the north of town, near the village of Mǎzhàn (马战乡), is the most accessible cluster of volcanoes (¥40). The main central volcano is known as Dàkōng Shān (大空山; Big Empty Hill), which pretty much sums it up, and to the left of it is the black crater of Hēikōng Shān (黑空山; Black Empty Hill). You can haul yourself up the steps for views of the surrounding lava fields (long dormant).