Top things to do in Taiyuan

Top Choice Church in Taiyuan

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

This quite astonishing sight along Jiefang Lu is worth going out of your way to explore. Built in 1870, the neoclassical house of worship was badly damaged during the Boxer Rebellion but today stands magnificently a…
Top Choice Buddhist Site in Taiyuan

Twin Pagoda Temple/Yǒngzuò Temple

These gorgeous twin brick pagodas rise photogenically south of the Nansha River in Tàiyuán’s southeast; they're lovely with the wind in their tinkling bells. Not much of the original Yǒngzuò Temple, which the pagoda…
Top Choice Chinese in Taiyuan

Shānxī Huìguǎn

Behind the imposing grey exterior is a refined restaurant serving quality northern-Chinese cuisine. There's everything from hotpot to homemade tofu and, of course, noodles, served by eager staff. If you're lucky, yo…
Buddhist Site in Taiyuan

Jìncí Temple

The highlight of this sprawling Buddhist temple complex is the Hall of the Sacred Mother (圣母殿; Shèngmǔ Diàn), a magnificent wooden structure first built (without using a single nail) in AD 984, then renovated in 110…
Area in Taiyuan

Wanshou Gong

This street (called Wanshou Gong) is worth a wander to look at the grey brick historic church at No 5 and the nearby dilapidated remains of the Wanshou Temple (万寿宫; Wànshòu Gōng), fronted by a still extant, albeit c…
Buddhist Site in Taiyuan

Chóngshàn Temple

The double-eaved wooden hall in this Ming temple contains three magnificent statues: Samantabhadra (the Bodhisattva of Truth), Guanyin (the Goddess of Mercy with 1000 arms) and Manjusri (the Bodhisattva of Wisdom wi…
Noodles in Taiyuan

Tàiyuán Noodle House

With a cake shop on the ground floor, head up to the bustling 2nd floor of this restaurant for Shānxī’s famous vinegar/noodle combo. If you're bewildered by the choices, go for the six-type taster (六中面套餐; liùzhōng m…
Chinese in Taiyuan

Food Street

Head to this long, long street lined with all manner of restaurants and outdoor shāokǎo (barbecue) places. You can get noodles, of course, but also hotpot, dumplings and fried dishes. It gets lively late in the even…
Museum in Taiyuan

Shānxī Museum

This top-class museum has three floors that walk you through all aspects of Shānxī culture, from prehistoric fossils to detailed local opera and architecture exhibits. All galleries are imaginatively displayed and s…
Confucian Site in Taiyuan

Confucius Temple

Buried away down a historic alley, the city's Confucius Temple is home to a spirit wall and a folk-art museum. As with most Confucius temples, it's a quiet and tranquil oasis.