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Taoist Temple in Tài'ān

Dài Temple

This magnificent Taoist temple complex is where all Tài’ān roads lead, being the traditional first stop on the pilgrimage route up Tài Shān. The grounds are an impressive example of Song-dynasty (960–1127) temple co…
Chinese in Tài'ān

Dōngzūn Court

Cuisine styles at this elegant and smart tablecloth affair at the Ramada Plaza are Lǔ, Cantonese and Sìchuān, with an entire room dedicated to live freshwater fish and shrimp (priced by the jīn) and freshly made spr…
Buddhist Temple in Tài Shān

Pervading Light Temple

One of the few Buddhist shrines in the area, this simple temple dates to the Southern and Northern dynasties (AD 420–589), its arrangement of ancient pine trees and small halls rising in levels up the hillside provi…
Taoist Temple in Tài Shān

Azure Clouds Temple

The sublimely perched Azure Clouds Temple is dedicated to Bixia. The iron tiling of the temple buildings is intended to prevent damage by strong winds, and chīwěn (ornaments meant to protect against fire) decorate t…
Viewpoint in Tài Shān

North Pointing Rock

The main sunrise vantage point is the North Pointing Rock; if you’re lucky, visibility extends over 200km to the coast.
Chinese in Tài'ān

Ā Dōngde Shuǐjiǎo

This centrally located restaurant has been knocking around for years, feeding legions of travellers with Chinese staples including shuíjiǎo (水饺; dumplings), with loads of fillings including lamb (羊肉; yángròu; ¥35 pe…
Market in Tài'ān

Central Night Market

Situated in the centre of town, this night market has hotpot stalls that start cooking from late afternoon. Pick your ingredients (thinly sliced meats, fish balls, vegetables, tofu etc) and take a seat at a low tabl…
Taoist Temple in Tài Shān

Red Gate Palace

The Red Gate Palace is the first of a series of temples dedicated to Bixia, the compassionate daughter of the god of Tài Shān. She wears a headdress adorned with phoenixes and is accompanied by nine attendants inclu…
Taoist Temple in Tài'ān

Yáocān Pavilion

This pavilion contains a hall dedicated to deities including Bixia, the daughter of Tai Shan, who became the focus of worship by the 11th century, and Songzi Niangniang, her attendant to whom couples wanting childre…
Market in Tài'ān

Dài Běi Market

Hawkers serve up snacks by the Dài Temple at this market, but expect tourist prices.