Boat in Sūzhōu

Tourist Boat Wharf

The Tourist Boat Wharf is down the alley east of Rénmín Bridge, sharing the same quarters as the Grand Canal Boats ticket office. Buses 27 or 94 run to the wharf.
Boat in Sūzhōu

Jīnjī Lake Tour Boat Terminal

For sightseeing and tour boat rides on Jīnjī Lake, including across to Peach Blossom Island.
Train Tickets in Sūzhōu

Train Ticket Office (Guanqian Jie)

For advance train tickets, with a small ¥5 commission charge.
Tickets in Sūzhōu

Liánhé Ticket Centre

For train and bus tickets, in a central location.
Boat in Sūzhōu

Grand Canal Boats

In the same office as the Tourist Boat Wharf.