Xībù Mǎnfú Lóu

Gansu in Suzhou

Charming joint serving tasty western China style food, including roast lamb, kebabs, hotpot, and the standout Lánzhōu-style noodles (兰州牛肉面, ¥32). Located in the Xietang Old Street, where pretty canalside streets are lined with old-style buildings that house many other restaurants, shops and bars. A bit off the beaten track but a nice area to wander around if you find yourself in this part of the city.

In addition to Lánzhōu noodles, try the fried noodles (兰州炒面, ¥28), which come in a rich tomato sauce with crunchy garlic shoots, sweet red onions and soft beef. Wash both down with a bottle of of Gānsù's refreshing Huang He beer (¥15).