Suzhou restaurants

Top Choice Noodles in Suzhou

Tóng Dé Xīng

This institution has been serving up classic Sūzhōu-style soup noodles for 200 years. The delicious broth, which is made fresh each night from herbs, spices and a variety of animal bones, is the key component – come…
Top Choice Dumplings in Suzhou

Yáng Yáng Dumpling Restaurant

Downtown branch of this popular restaurant that specialises in dumplings but also offers a variety of tasty, locally inspired and classic Chinese dishes. The set menus offer great value for money. This branch is hou…
Gansu in Suzhou

Xībù Mǎnfú Lóu

Charming joint serving tasty western China style food, including roast lamb, kebabs, hotpot, and the standout Lánzhōu-style noodles (兰州牛肉面, ¥32). Located in the Xietang Old Street, where pretty canalside streets are…
Jiangsu in Suzhou

Wúmén Rénjiā

Close to the Lion Grove Garden, this restaurant attracts a mix of locals and visitors for its subtly flavoured Sūzhōu cooking.The menu takes inspiration from what Qing-dynasty emperor Qianlong allegedly ate during h…
Dumplings in Suzhou

Yǎba Shēngjiān

With great clouds of steam rising from the kitchen, this 60-year-old institution mainly flogs noodles but its handmade shēngjiān bāo (生煎包; pan-fried dumplings), stuffed with juicy pork, are outstanding and flavour-p…
Teahouse in Suzhou


Although often busy, this seriously cute little teahouse finds itself perched beside one of Sūzhōu’s most popular canalside streets, serving up excellent dumplings and delicate little morsels on small plates. The te…
Chinese in Suzhou

Yáng Yáng Restaurant

Reasonably priced, upmarket restaurant offering a comprehensive array of local and classic Chinese dishes. The dumplings here are especially good, although everything on the menu is worth a try.
Noodles in Suzhou


Popular with locals, this red-wood-furniture-bedecked eatery, with several branches across town, has a long history and wholesome, filling noodles – try the scrummy xiàrén miàn (虾仁面; noodles with baby shrimp) or the…
Dumplings in Suzhou


Crowds pay and gather near the entrance to wait for the steaming fresh xǐaolóng bāo (小龙包; soup dumplings) to come out of the kitchen. If you don’t want to jostle, grab a seat and order several other great dishes inc…
Vegetarian in Suzhou

Lotus Veg Cafe

Good quality, Chinese-style vegetarian food in downtown Sūzhōu, not far from the Garden of Cultivation. Friendly service, with a wide selection of creative and tasty dishes on offer – some of the 'pretend meat' dish…