Suzhou drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Bar in Suzhou


Named after a Patti Smith song, Birdland is one of the first bars in Sūzhōu to offer craft beer on tap. There is an ever-changing selection of 12 well-kept, local brews, including some by Master Gao, one of the lead…
Pub in Suzhou

Locke Pub

Locke Pub is a key part of Sūzhōu's social and cultural scene, as much a community social space as a pub. As well as serving imported bottled beers, wine and cocktails, this cosy pub also offers homemade ice cream, …
Coffee in Suzhou


It’s almost inevitable that you’ll need to refuel when exploring Pingjiang Lu, so be sure to stop by this funky, hidden coffeeshop, serving great drinks and a cafe menu from a lane house west of the famous pedestria…
Craft Beer in Suzhou

Zhǎngmén Brewery

Upmarket bar and restaurant with a small rooftop terrace, serving craft beers from Taipei-based Zhǎngmén Brewing Company. This is the company’s only brewery in mainland China (there’s a tap room in Shēnzhèn) and mos…
Bar in Suzhou


Běijīng’s excellent Bookworm wormed its way down to Sūzhōu, serving as a kind of comfy cultural hub, library, bookshop and cafe. The food is crowd-pleasing (lots of Western options) and the cold beers include Tsingt…
Teahouse in Suzhou

Yǔ Zhī Jiā Teahouse

Pretty teahouse in a historic wood-fronted building on the edge of the canal that runs parallel to Pingjiang Lu. Tall windows that open directly onto the water make this is a perfect place to retreat and peoplewatch…
Teahouse in Suzhou

Píngtán Teahouse

Píngtán enthusiasts get together here to keep the traditions alive. The music usually starts between 8pm and 10pm. Order some tea (the speciality is Yúnnán pu’er, unlimited serves from ¥100), and pick songs (from ¥4…
Bar in Suzhou

Huagi Space Coffee & Bar

Expensive cafe-bar housed in a beautifully restored building. Its outdoor seating area overlooks the picturesque canal that runs parallel to the quieter northern end of Pingjiang Lu. It's location makes up for the p…
Bar in Suzhou

Hemingway Lounge & Terrace

Popular expat hang-out with a pleasant outdoor terrace on which to enjoy cocktails and bar food. This place is especially busy at weekends when live music and DJs, some of whom come from Shànghǎi, entertain partygoe…
Sports Bar in Suzhou

Camel Sports Bar

This casual sports bar in the Sūzhōu Industrial Park area shows international sports events and does decent Western-style food and a range of international beers and wines.