Tourist Information in Sūzhōu

Sūzhōu Tourism Information Center

This branch is just north of the Garden Hotel; there are several other branches in town including at bus stations, as well as one on Pingjiang Lu. Can help with booking accommodation and tours.
Police in Sūzhōu

Public Security Bureau

Can help with emergencies and visa problems. The visa office (出入镜办证窗口, chūrùjìng bànzhèng chuāngkǒu) is about 200m down a lane called Dashitou Xiang (大石头巷)
Bank in Sūzhōu

Bank of China

Changes travellers cheques and foreign cash. There are ATMs that take international cards at most larger branches of the Bank of China.
Bank in Sūzhōu

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

Twenty-four-hour ATM facilities.
Hospital in Sūzhōu

No 1 Hospital

At the heart of Sūzhōu.
Post in Sūzhōu

China Post

Centrally located.