Top Choice Gardens in Sūzhōu

Garden of the Master of the Nets

Off Shiquan Jie, this pocket-sized garden is considered one of Sūzhōu's best preserved. Laid out in the 12th century, it went to seed and was later restored in the 18th century as part of the home of a retired offic…
Top Choice Gardens in Sūzhōu

Humble Administrator’s Garden

The largest of Sūzhōu's gardens, the Humble Administrator’s Garden is often considered to be the most impressive, but its fame draws in constant crowds, so get here early in the morning if you can. First built in 15…
Top Choice Museum in Sūzhōu

Sūzhōu Museum

This cubist/geometric IM Pei–designed triumph takes a modern interpretation of a Sūzhōu garden, with its confluence of water, bamboo and straight lines, and mixes it with a fascinating array of jade, ceramics, woode…
Top Choice Landmark in Sūzhōu

Pán Gate Scenic Area

This far quieter part of Sūzhōu is lovely, with a section of the city wall straddling the outer moat in the southwest corner of the city. You can find Sūzhōu’s only remaining original coiled gate, Pán Gate, dating f…
Top Choice Street in Sūzhōu

Pingjiang Lu

While most of the town canals have been sealed and paved into roads, the pedestrianised Pingjiang Lu offers clues to the Sūzhōu of yesteryear. On the eastern side of the city, this canal-side road has whitewashed lo…
Gardens in Sūzhōu

Blue Wave Pavilion

Originally the home of a prince, the oldest garden in Sūzhōu was first built in the 11th century, and has been repeatedly rebuilt since. Instead of attracting hordes of tourists, the wild, overgrown garden around th…
Gardens in Sūzhōu

Couple’s Garden

The tranquil Couple’s Garden is off the main tourist route and sees slightly fewer visitors than the other gardens, and its pond, courtyards and garden features are quite lovely.
Gardens in Sūzhōu

Garden to Linger In

One of the largest gardens in Sūzhōu, this 3-hectare plot was originally built in the Ming dynasty by a doctor as a relaxing place for his recovering patients. It’s easy to see why the patients took to it: the windi…
Museum in Sūzhōu

Kūnqǔ Opera Museum

Down a warren of narrow lanes, the small Kūnqǔ Opera Museum is dedicated to kūnqǔ, the opera style of the region. The beautiful old theatre houses a stage, musical instruments, costumes and photos of famous performe…
Gardens in Sūzhōu

Lion’s Grove Garden

Constructed in 1342 by the Buddhist monk Tianru to commemorate his master, who lived on Lion Cliff on Zhèjiāng’s Tīanmú Mountain, this garden's curiously shaped rocks were meant to resemble lions, protectors of the …