Southern Silk Road restaurants

Cafe in Hotan

Marco’s Dream Cafe

This Malaysian-run place serves a very welcome range of Western and Asian dishes, including delicious curried chicken and steaks, while the friendly English-speaking owners can provide excellent travel advice. It's …
Uyghur in Hotan

Amin Perlau

This unassuming place at the end of a long strip of restaurants on Aqiale Donglu is generally held by locals to be the best in town. Choose between a small portion of lamb for ¥20 or a whole leg of lamb for ¥35, add…
Market in Hotan

Uyghur Night Market

Recently moved to its own purpose-built area about 1km due south of the main square, Hotan's night market is one of the liveliest and busiest in Xīnjiāng. Come here once darkness falls to grab such goodies as tonur …
Bakery in Hotan

Marco Dream Cafe Bakery

This outlet of Marco's Dream Cafe is a bakery where you can get fresh bread, pastries and pizza. It's hidden away off the main road in a courtyard – you'll probably have to ask people nearby to direct you, but the c…
Uyghur in Yarkand


It's easy to spot this excellent place: look for the large 'Tea Coffee' sign in English on the awning. Inside it's a well-appointed place with white-gloved waiters rushing dishes from a pictorial menu to the well-he…
Uyghur in Cherchen


This friendly and clean Uyghur restaurant is about the best you can hope for in a town like Cherchen. The photo menu takes in all the Uyghur classics, as well as several Chinese dishes, though the gregarious staff m…
International in Hotan

Eversun Coffee

Head upstairs to find this upmarket place, where well-heeled locals sip cappuccinos and order from both a Western and Chinese menu (both are in English) with dishes such as sautéed squid in chilli sauce and a huge s…
Uyghur in Hotan


Sit outside on the pleasant patio rather than the furiously stuffy dining room, and enjoy a plate of pollo (slow roasted lamb on a bed of greasy rice and carrots) served up with tea, yoghurt and pickles. It's one of…
Bakery in Hotan


This popular and centrally located bakery has a great pastry selection from which you can build a good breakfast or a lunch on the go. Give the coffee a miss though.