Top things to do in Southern Sìchuān

Top Choice Teahouse in Zìgòng

Wángyé Temple

Housed within the ochre walls of a 100-year-old guild hall of boatmen and merchants, this lively teahouse (officially known as 临江茶楼; Línjiāng Chálóu) is one of the most atmospheric in Sìchuān. Tea costs ¥12 to ¥20.
Museum in Zìgòng

Dinosaur Museum

Built on top of the Dashanpu excavation site, which has one of the world’s largest concentrations of dinosaur fossils, this specialised dinosaur museum, the first in China, has a fine collection of reassembled skele…
National Park in Bamboo Sea

Shǔnán Zhúhǎi National Park

Swaths of swaying bamboo, well-marked walking trails and a handful of charming lakes and waterfalls make south Sìchuān’s Bamboo Sea a worthwhile detour. There are more than 30 types of bamboo across this 120-sq-km n…
Teahouse in Zìgòng

Huánhóu Palace

This teahouse (tea ¥5 to ¥8) is located inside an 1868 butchers’ guild hall. Its dramatic stone facade opens up onto a tree-shaded courtyard with an old stone stage framed on all sides by beautiful wooden carvings. …
Teahouse in Zìgòng

Jade Garden Mansion

Perched atop the Lóngfèng mountain park, this teahouse in a historical-style pagoda is a fantastic place to drink tea (from ¥8) and admire the view over Zìgòng down below. Walk about 15 minutes up the staircase acro…
Historic Site in Luòbiǎo

Luòbiǎo Hanging Coffins

There are hanging coffins found in other parts of China, but there are more in Luòbiǎo than anywhere else and they are reasonably accessible. At one time there were more than 300 hanging coffins, although a third or…
Historic Site in Zìgòng

Shēnhǎi Salt Well

This fascinating museum is also a working salt mine. Its 1001m-deep artesian salt well was the world’s deepest well when it was built in 1835 and it remains the deepest salt well ever made using percussion drilling,…
Museum in Zìgòng

Salt Industry History Museum

Housed in an ornate 270-year-old guild hall, this unique museum documents the course of the region’s salt industry, which dates to the first century CE. Salt was at one time valued more than gold, and by the late 19…
Historic Site in Lǐzhuāng

Lǐzhuāng Gǔzhèn

The old town covers just a couple of square kilometres, with all the main sights between the bus stop and the river. Entry to the main temples and courtyard residences requires a ticket, but visitors are free to amb…
Street Food in Zìgòng

Zìgòng Walking Street

Lined with many shops, the highlights of this street are the small vendors who wheel their fresh noodles, dumplings and other tasty delights here to sell. It's uphill from the river, the first street on the right.