Southern Garzê Prefecture restaurants

Dumplings in Litang

Tīanjīn Gŏubùlĭ Soup Dumplings

Don't be fooled by the diminutive size of this shop run by a family from Yúnnán province, because the large soup dumplings (汤包子; tāngbāozi) pack in quite a lot of taste. Be sure to ask for a dish of the spicy sauce …
Sichuan in Litang

Tiān Tiān Restaurant

Long-standing travellers’ haven run by the gregarious English-speaking chef, Mr Zheng, who can also offer expert travel advice. Food is high-quality Sìchuān fare, and the delicious potato pancakes (土豆饼; tǔdòu bǐng; …
Dumplings in Xiangcheng

Hēilóngjiāng Dōngběi Jiǎozi

A couple from northeast China specialise in boiled dumplings (水饺; shuǐjiǎo) here. A half order (bān jīn, ¥16) is plenty for one, as is a killer bowl of bànmiàn (干拌面; mince-meat dry noodles; ¥10 to ¥12). It's up a sm…
Tibetan in Litang

Tibetan Special Dishes

For authentic Tibetan food, try this simple place run by a friendly family from Tǎgōng. English isn't spoken but there's an English menu. Turn left out of the bus station; it's about 500m on the left.
Tibetan in Daocheng

Snowy Tibetan Meal

Sample Tibetan classics in this small family-run restaurant just outside the bus station. No English, but a photo menu on the walls helps smooth ordering along.