Top things to do in Southern Gansu

Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Xiahe

Labrang Monastery

With its succession of squeaking prayer wheels (3km in total), hawks circling overhead and the throb of Tibetan longhorns resonating from the surrounding hills, Labrang is a monastery town unto itself. Many of the c…
Top Choice Tibetan in Xiahe

Nirvana Restaurant & Bar

This lovely, bright restaurant serves Tibetan and Western dishes, such as the popular yak stew with potatoes (¥20), pizza and fresh espresso. The welcoming, casual vibe makes leaving Nirvana difficult, as does the l…
Cave in Southern Gansu

Bǐnglíng Sì

With its relative inaccessibility, Bǐnglíng Sì is one of the few Buddhist grottoes in China to have survived the tumultuous 20th century unscathed. Which is a good thing, as during a period spanning 1600 years, scul…
Buddhist Monastery in Langmusi

Kerti Gompa

Rising up on the Sìchuān side of White Dragon River is this monastery – otherwise dubbed the Sìchuān Monastery – built in 1413, home to around 700 monks and composed of six temples and colleges. Try catching a glimp…
Buddhist Site in Xiahe

Gòngtáng Pagoda

With an interior splashed with murals and illuminated by a combination of yak-butter candles and electric lamps, the golden 31m-tall Gòngtáng Pagoda is a perennial favourite with visitors. Follow the stairs up vario…
Yunnan in Langmusi

Happy Homemade Yunnan Taste

The Yunnanese folk at this family-run restaurant are infectiously happy. Sample the strong homemade báijiǔ (Chinese spirit) and you might be too. Popular with travellers for the guòqiáo mǐxiàn (Yunnanese hotpot) and…
Cafe in Langmusi

Bear's House

This 2nd-floor cafe overlooking the main street of Lángmùsì sells coffee (¥20), tea (¥15), and breakfast/snacks (¥15) in a cosy cafe setting with English menus. Guest rooms are in the works as well, but were not com…
Cafe in Xiahe

Norden Cafe

Traveller-friendly cafe with warm pine-wood interior serving homemade cakes, soups and burgers, plus excellent tea and coffee. Lovely big window seats overlook Labrang Monastery's ticket office.
Dumplings in Langmusi

Hangzhou Dumplings

This friendly family-run restaurant offers a wide range of Chinese dishes and top-quality dumplings. There is an English menu, but note that many of the prices are out of date so you'll need to compare to the regula…
Area in Xiahe

Gānjiā Grasslands

The Gānjiā Grasslands, 34km from Xiàhé, aren’t as pretty as those at nearby Sāngkē, but there is more to explore. From Xiàhé a bumpy road crosses the Naren-Ka pass (impassable after long rains) before quickly descen…