Travel Agency in Xiàhé

OT Travels & Tours

This travel agency based at the Overseas Tibetan Hotel can arrange cars and English-speaking guides to nearby sights, and also specialises in overland tours from Lánzhōu, Xīníng and Chéngdū to Xiàhé.
Police in Lángmùsì

Public Security Bureau

Around 1km from the centre of town, towards the main highway. Does not handle visa extensions; for this, you'll need to go to Hézuò or Línxià.
Ticket Office in Xiàhé

Labrang Monastery Ticket Office

Buy English tour tickets for Labrang Monastery.
Post in Lángmùsì

China Post

On the main road through town, back towards the highway and away from the bus drop-off.
Police in Xiàhé

Public Security Bureau

Does not handle visa extensions; you'll need to go to Hézuò, Línxià or Sōngpān.
Pharmacy in Xiàhé

Déshèngtáng Pharmacy

Western, Chinese and Tibetan medicine; just west of China Post.
Bank in Xiàhé


Has an ATM and changes US dollars.
Post in Xiàhé

China Post