Top things to do in Songpan

Cafe in Songpan

Emma’s Kitchen

Sōngpān’s main traveller hang-out is this laid-back cafe with wi-fi and fresh coffee (from ¥28), pizza and other Western fare, along with a range of Chinese dishes. Emma is exceedingly knowledgable and can sort out …
Gate in Songpan

West Gate

Atop a massive hill to the west of Sōngpān, the reconstructed West Gate is also the site of the only remaining section of original city wall. It's a steep climb up from the old town via either the Guānyīn Temple or …
Teahouse in Songpan

Lǎo Wū Cháyuán

Through an unassuming archway near the east end of Yìng Yuè Qiáo is this buzzing courtyard teahouse, a local favourite. The house special, spicy liángfěn (凉粉; ¥8), made of mung bean and potato starch, won the prize …
Tea Garden in Songpan

Yùyuàn Nóngjiālè

Set in an open-air garden with an eclectic array of furnishing, this family-run teahouse (tea from ¥2, dishes from ¥5) has a number of shady nooks that make for a great place to unwind after a long day hiking or hor…
Chinese in Songpan

Song in the Mountain

Run by the helpful Sarah Yang, this small restaurant serves a variety of simple but tasty Western and Chinese dishes at reasonable prices. Dozens of hand-written endorsements line the walls, testifying to its ongoin…
Buddhist Monastery in Songpan

Shàngníbā Monastery

A two-hour hike or horse ride east over the hills from Sōngpān, this small Tibetan Buddhist monastery sits in a picturesque valley among small minority villages. One-day horse trips often head out here for a roughly…
Teahouse in Songpan

Míngjiāngyuàn Teahouse

Though the poorly lit entryway down a stairway off Xiashuiguan Jie may be initially off-putting, the riverfront terrace and tea (from ¥2) is a nice surprise on the other end. The inside gets quite smoky, so visit on…
Cafe in Songpan

Zūwū Heritage House

Centred on a large tree-shaded courtyard, this combination teahouse/cafe/guesthouse is a chilled-out place to relax by day or a classy spot for a drink by night with drinks for all hours starting from around ¥20.
Market in Songpan

Jīnmíngzhū Supermarket

At the foot of the square just inside the old town's North Gate, this supermarket is the best place in town to stock up on food for trips into the countryside.
Sichuan in Songpan

Rǔ Zǎi Niú Diǎn

A soothing meal after a long trek into the grasslands: start with a pot of the house specialty, a unique, non-spicy tomato-based soup, and then add your choice of fixings: thinly sliced beef (鲜牛肉; xiān niúròu), chic…