Cable Car in Bamboo Sea

Guānguāng Cable Car

Cable Car in Bamboo Sea

Dàxiágǔ Cable Car

Airport in Chengdu

Chéngdū Shuāngliú International Airport

You can fly directly to Chéngdū Shuāngliú International Airport, 18km west of the city, from nearly any other major Chinese city in less than three hours. There are also direct international flights from Amsterdam, …
Cable Car in Kangding

Pǎomǎ Shān Cable Car

A relaxing 20-minute ride to the top of Pǎomǎ Shān takes in great views of Gònggā Shān to the north and the two golden-roofed temples to the south, although the rickety cabins may not be ideal for those with a fear …
Shuttle in Chengdu

Airport Shuttle Bus Drop Off

Five shuttle-bus routes cover all corners of the city. From the airport, route 2 stops at the South train station before heading north to the US consulate, Tiānfǔ Sq and the North train station. The ride from the ai…
Tickets in Kangding

Flight Ticket Centre

Purchase airplane tickets by phone or at the counter in the hotel (also known as the Xiang Yun Hotel; 翔云酒店). Pick up the airport shuttle (¥35, 1½ hours) in front of the hotel at 6am.
Tickets in Luobiao

Ticket Office

Books bus tickets around Sìchuān and into Guìzhōu and Yúnnán. They'll also shuttle you to connecting stations, if necessary, for reasonable fees. Chinese spoken only.
Airline in Chengdu

Air China Chéngdū Booking Office

By Tongzilin metro station, exit D, on the north side of Hangkong Lu in the lobby of the Air China building. Accepts international credit cards.
Bicycle Rental in Daocheng

Bicycle Rental

Full-day rentals of bicycles and electric scooters are available from this storefront on Dexi Lu between the guesthouses and main road.
Shuttle in Chengdu

Airport Shuttle Bus Pickup

Five shuttle-bus routes cover all corners of the city. Located to the north of Mínshān Hotel, across Yandao Jie (盐道街).