Top things to do in Sichuan

Top Choice National Park in Sichuan

Jiǔzhàigōu National Park

In August 2017, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck near Jiǔzhàigōu, affecting tourism to the park. Some witnesses reported damage to buildings and natural elements within the national park, including Nuòrìlǎng Waterf…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Southern Garzê Prefecture

Yàdīng Nature Reserve

The magnificent Yàdīng Nature Reserve, 140km south of Dàochéng, centres around three sacred snowcapped mountains, a holy trinity encircled by forested valleys, crystal-clear rivers and glacier-fed lakes. These are, …
Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Dege

Bakong Scripture Printing Press & Monastery

This fascinating 1792 monastery houses one of western Sìchuān’s star attractions: an ongoing printing operation that still uses traditional woodblock printing methods and maintains more than 320,000 scripture plates…
Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Yaqing

Yarchen Gar Buddhist Institute

On a quiet bend of the Dzin-Chu River in the remote grasslands of Garzi Prefecture, this 10,000-strong Nyingma (Red Hat) community of nuns and monks living in improvised housing under the shadows of magnificent gold…
Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Chengdu

Giant Panda Breeding Research Base

One of Chéngdū’s most popular attractions, this reserve 18km north of the city centre is the easiest way to glimpse Sìchuān’s most famous residents outside of a zoo. The enclosures here are generally large and well …
Top Choice Teahouse in Zigong

Wángyé Temple

Housed within the ochre walls of a 100-year-old guild hall of boatmen and merchants, this lively teahouse (officially known as 临江茶楼; Línjiāng Chálóu) is one of the most atmospheric in Sìchuān. Tea costs ¥12 to ¥20.
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Chengdu

Wénshū Monastery

This Tang dynasty monastery is dedicated to Wénshū (Manjushri), the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, and is Chéngdū’s largest and best-preserved Buddhist temple. The air is heavy with incense and the low murmur of chanting; d…
Top Choice Chinese Opera in Chengdu

Shǔfēng Yǎyùn

This famous century-old theatre and teahouse puts on excellent 1½-hour shows that include music, puppetry and Sìchuān opera's famed fire breathing and face changing. Come at around 7.15pm to watch performers putting…
Top Choice National Park in Four Sisters Mountain

Hǎizi Valley

Considered by many the most beautiful of the three valleys in the Four Sisters Mountain area, Hǎizi Valley's eponymous lakes and majestic views of the Four Sisters peaks make it hard to disagree. It's a steep walk f…
Top Choice Teahouse in Chengdu

Kǎi Lú Lǎo Zhái Cháyuán

For 200 years one of the city's most venerable teahouses has been tucked away in a peaceful courtyard behind a stone archway off frenetic Kuan Alley, the distant hum of which is more than countered by the sound of z…