Sports & Outdoors in Chengdu

Sanfo Outdoors

Outdoor clothing and camping equipment are a brisk business in Chengdu, as many people head from here to Tibet or the western mountains. Quality varies and fakes abound elsewhere, but this place has good-quality...

Market in Kangding

Dehui Supermarket

A comprehensive supermarket with a wide selection, and a decent range of ingredients for hiking trips as well. A separate camping/outdoors store just past the cashiers also sells 230g canisters of camping fuel...

Sports & Outdoors in Chengdu


This French-owned chain has a huge selection of outdoor equipment and sporting goods. It's about 10 minutes' walk south of the South train station.

Mall in Chengdu

New Century Global Center

At the south end of town, the world's largest mall (and, by floor space, the largest building in the world) has more than 511,000 sq metres of consumption possibilities, and also houses offices, two 1000-room...

Shopping Centre in Chengdu

Tai Koo Li

An upscale extension of Chunxi Lu shopping district with big international brand names in an ancient-style architectural zone, this is also one of the best places in town to fill up on foreign food and beer.

Market in Songpan

Jinmingzhu Supermarket

At the foot of the square just inside the old town's North Gate, this supermarket is the best place in town to stock up on food for trips into the countryside.